The museum is located in Talsi, North Kurzeme. The museum has a large parking, as well as shops and a canteen within 50 m range
The museum's infrastructure is accessible to people with disabilities, as well as parents with young children.
The Latvian Museum of Agriculture offers to get acquainted with various means of transport used for agricultural purposes at the beginning of the 20th century and later.
In the open-air exposition of the museum, a special place is given to the Talsi narrow gauge railway manufactured in Germany - a narrow-gauge railway locomotive and wagons, which have been in the museum since the 1980s.
Among agricultural machinery and reclamation equipment, one of the first grain harvesters S-4 “Stalinets” manufactured in Russia, tracked tractor KD -35 and reclamation ditch plow towed by tractor T-100 should be especially emphasized.
It is possible to ride an army car GAZ 67B manufactured in the 1950s
The pride of the museum is the English-made Garrett self-propelled locomotive for towing and operating a threshing machine and the MARSHAL-SON stationary locomotive. The oldest tractor collection consists of "Fergusson" and "Fordson" manufactured in England, "Lanz Buldog" in Germany, Universal 2, CXTЗ tractors manufactured in Russia.
In turn, the Russian-made GAZ AA truck, popularly known as the "polutorku", is proud of the film's star status, which was obtained by participating in the films "Long Road in the Dunes", "Destiny Flyers" and "Dream Team 1935".