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Kurzeme Planning region

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Vidzeme Planning region

Jāņa Poruka street 8, Cēsis, Cēsis county, LV-4101, Latvia

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NGO West-Estonia Tourism

Jaama 1, 90302 Lihula, Lääne county, Estonia

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Valga County Development Agency

Kesk tn 11, 68203 Valga, Eesti

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We succeeded to create a new travel tradition of exploring the industrial heritage sites all over Latvia and Estonia!

The created route is reflected in the Guide book (image guide) “Industrial heritage for tourism in Latvia and Estonia” and sites route maps with industrial heritage sites in Latvia and Estonia.

The website with virtual tours, stories and photo galleries with each object was also created. The introducing video and the 5 thematic videos are also available there.

We ensured overall that 25 industrial heritage buildings and sites in Estonia and Latvia from underdeveloped objects are transformed into really exiting tourism objects, providing the value added for the regions and people.

We gave new lives to industrial heritage sites like, for example, Alatskivi drying facility, Sorve lighthouse, Hellenurme watermill in Estonia as well as Aizpute water tower, Kuldīga needle factory tower, Jaunpils watermill and the worker’s flat of Līgatne paper factory in Latvia.

Overall during the project we had initially the ambition to reach amazing number of 200 000 visitors to the Estonian and Latvian industrial heritage network, but to the end of the Project we have reached already 399 636 visitors(!).

Step-by-step regional partners will work on adding new objects.