Water tower
Aizpute water tower with its volume of 90 cubic meters of water may be called the heart of the town, since it supplied drinking water to the majority of town residents for 50 years (built in 1960). However, as the capacity of the tower and water quality failed to meet the requirements, it was shut down. Following the construction of the new iron removal facilities, the issue of the future of the neglected, degrading object was highlighted – should it be demolished or blown up? Yet the water tower found its place in tourism, and is now turned into a viewing tower with panoramic viewing platform. The highest point of the roof is 27 m above ground. The tower exhibits the former water-supply network taps. A hands-on 3D model of the water tower provides an insight into its operational principles, while the ground layer location is explained with the help of a drinking-water borehole model. The original of the depicted borehole is 280 m deep.
The rural farm “Garīkas” is found next to Aizpute with another industrial heritage object used for water supply – the hydraulic ram: a device used to pump water without electric power.
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