Angla windmill mount
Angla windmill mount
Angla windmill mount

Angla windmill mount

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The island of Saaremaa had a place where an entire hill of windmills has been preserved in its original form. This hilltop was the windiest place around, so all the village windmills were put here. The impressive windmill theme park grabs your attention from afar, but it is when you go inside the mills themselves that you become stunned by the variety - each windmill is a reflection of its owner and his ingenuity.
Out of the five surviving windmills, four are typical Saaremaa post mills, built at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Among them stands a slightly taller Dutch-type tower mill from 1927, with a mill attendant's residence next to it.
In the summer, a miller is in attendance at one of the windmills, and flour is being made. The park also has a cultural heritage center, where you can have a meal, check out old agricultural equipment, bake bread, and participate in workshops.
In 1925, when there were 13 farms in Angla, this windy hilltop held as many as nine different mills.
1880 - Lause post mill;
1800 - 1810..? - Reinu post mill;
1910 - Viita post mill;
1913 - Vilidu post mill;
1927 - Tedre farm's Dutch millreach
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