Railroad museum Exposition in Jelgava

Railroad museum Exposition in Jelgava

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Jelgava Railway junctin is one of the oldest and most important railway junction in Latvia. Traffic on the Riga-Jelgava (Mītava) line was opened back in 1868, and since then, the significance of Jelgava Station has only increased. Jelgava Railway junction and its history tell more than just about the development and economic history of trains and railways; they tell of people who have invested their work and life in its development. The railwaymen of Jelgava have always taken pride in their work; therefore, on 24 December 1982, they founded a museum, which has persisted in the face of various political rule and changes.

The Latvian Railway History Museum exposition in Jelgava, Stacijas iela 3, is located in the railwaymen’s residential building built in 1904, at the time of expansion of the Moscow-Ventspils railway line and the first depot in Jelgava. Today, it is home to several locomotives and carriages found in the museum’s collection. The exposition not only exudes a historical atmosphere but also displays an array of items without which the work on railways would not be possible.