Just outside the city of Pärnu, Sindi enchants you with its impressive old alley and the broadcloth factory's shop master houses that line it. One of these contains the Sindi Museum, which talks about the history of the factory, the life of its workers, and the town itself.
The Sindi broadcloth factory was one of the first truly mechanized major enterprises, founded in 1833 by J. C. Wöhrmann, a trader from Riga, who moved the machinery from a factory in Poland to Russian Imperial territory to avoid import duties.
An enormous sum was invested in the construction of the factory complex, much of which was state aid. 3.4 million bricks were used to erect the production buildings, requiring a brick kiln with eight furnaces to be put up on site before the factory structures, and resulting in the formation of the Sindi Reservoir.
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