Šlītere lighhouse is located on the edge of a steep slope of the hills Zilie kalni in Šlītere, 5.3 km off the coastline. It is the second eldest navigation building in Latvia. The fifth floor of the lighthouse takes you roughly 100 m above the sea level. The tower itself is 26 m high, while the rotary light – 102.2 m above the sea level. At clear weather, the tower of Sõrve Lighthouse on Saaremaa island (Estonia), Irbene radio telescope and Miķeļbāka lighthouse are visible. Šlītere lighthouse was built in 1849 by the Dundaga manor’s baron for the purposes of forest fire surveillance and as a day-time landmark for ships navigating Irbe Strait in the Baltic Sea. The rotary light at the lighthouse was operated from 1961 until 1999. Since 2000 the lighthouse serves as a tourism and environment education sightseeing object in Slītere National Park. The five floors of the lighthouse exhibit educational information about other Latvian lighthouses, Slītere National Park, coastal nature, and the history of the Livonians. The lighthouse is also the starting point of a loop trail leading down the steep slope of Zilie kalni’ hills in Šlītere and running through a natural forest for 1.2 km.
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