The lighthouse is built on a high dune, 28 m above sea level, next to the beach. The tower itself is 19 metres high, but the lighthouse is 44 m above sea level; its light stretches as far as 15 nautical miles. The diameter of the lighthouse lantern is 3 metres. The height of the light is 46.5 metres (white light with group flashes) and the rotary light flashes twice every 10 seconds.

The first structure, similar to the present one, was finished in 1879. During World War I, the lighthouse was almost completely destroyed, and restoration was finished in 1925. In 1930, the dune next to the ligthhouse was strengthened with juniper wicker baskets filled with pebbles, and large boulders were also placed there; during the 70s, the coast was strengthened with concrete blocks.
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