On the island of Hiiumaa, bearing towards Käina as you exit the port, among the juniper-lined pastures of Vaemla, stands a family enterprise - the Hiiu Wool Factory. This facility, which is still in day-to-day use, operates vintage machines - some from as far back as the late 1800s. A master who knows the machines down to the last bolt is on hand to explain the details. Originally driven by steam, the devices are now powered by Soviet-era electric motors.
This factory is a great place to see the entire wool processing chain: the "wolf" whose teeth make the raw wool pliable, the carder that spins the fibers into yarn, the twisting machine that makes the yarn thick and uniform, and the reeling machine that arranges the yarn onto spindles. The factory store sells yarn and clothes made from Hiiu wool; in the summer, there is a cafe.
The wool factory is located in a building that was originally built in 1841 as a hay barn for Vaemla manor. The vintage equipment was brought here in the 1950s from mainland Estonia.
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