Железнодорожное наследие
The multimedia exposition “Alūksne Bānītis Station” is located in the historical luggage barn of Alūksne railway station. The goods once transported by rail were once stored here. Even today, the shed retains its original function, storing information about the only regular narrow-gauge train in the Baltics – Bānītis. The 33-kilometer-long railway line Gulbene–Alūksne has been connecting cities, people, places and events since 1903.

The exposition of Alūksne Bānītis Station reveals in a fascinating way the unique stories of 10 railway stations - living witnesses of Latvian history about everyday life and holidays, about two world wars and times of peace, allowing you to get to know Bānītis as a traditional, but at the same time modern and sustainable way of life! With an insight into history and a view to the future!

Currently, the surroundings of Alūksne Bānītis Station are becoming a modern quarter. The cafe "Tvaiks x Ogle" (transl. Steam x Coal) is located in the railway station building, which offers a taste of travel in the world, as well as the historic railway hotel "Bahnhofs Hotel" has opened its doors again.