Airīte station n receives the Kurzeme Tourism Award 2022

Saldus region awarded the prize to Pēteris Stumburs, the owner of the station "Airīte", in the nomination "Growth story in the development of industrial and cultural tourism" for his contribution to the development of Kurzeme tourism. Pēteris Stumburs, his family and like-minded people have turned the former railway station in Zirņu parish of Saldus municipality into a remarkable industrial tourism site and cultural place, which is known throughout Latvia for its special atmosphere, enthusiasm, hard work and story of revival. A modern exhibition, a testimony of railway history, a place for travellers to stay, a venue for events and activities - the station has acquired a new functionality under Peter's care, and continues to attract people and welcome visitors today. Pēteris, in successful cooperation with others in the tourism industry, has contributed to the development of tourism not only in the Saldus region, but also beyond its borders. The station continues its story of growth as the owners find and implement new ideas and plans!

(Photo: M.Blāze)


This year 8 nominees from Liepaja and Ventspils, South Kurzeme, Ventspils, Talsi, Kuldīga, Tukums and Saldus counties were awarded in the single recognition nomination "Contribution to the development of Kurzeme tourism".