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In the created interactive map, you can easily and visibly look at the Latvian and Estonian industrial heritage sites involved in the project “Industrial Heritage for Tourism”. Here you will find information about industrial heritage objects that are open to visitors and offer special tours, educational expositions and other exciting activities. The map provides information about the exact location of the objects, their description and photo galleries. Most sites also offer several virtual tours that will allow you to discover more about this destination.
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Industrial heritage

Industrial heritage is a part of our cultural heritage. It demonstrates the development of industrial technology, the changing production methods and working conditions, and helps us to understand the history and development of society more broadly.
The oldest preserved industrial heritage in Estonia and Latvia goes back to the 18th century, when the two countries were under the power of the Russian Empire, and major businesses and land holdings were in the hands of the privileged Baltic German aristocracy. In the countryside, the right to engage in commerce belonged to the manor lords; in the cities – to the guilds and shops.

Nowadays, industrial heritage can be seen in the form of historic factories, water towers, mills, railways, lighthouses, other buildings of that age as well as historic documents.

Industrial heritage tourism is a growing trend, and an excellent opportunity to preserve and present old production facilities, equipment, and the skills of using them.

Topicalities and news

Unique Industrial Heritage Image Guide for tourists published

In the closure of the Estonian-Latvian cross-border co-operation program “Industrial Heritage” project, a unique guide about industrial heritage objects in Estonia and Latvia has been published. Image guide consists of descriptions and photographs of over 60 industrial heritage objects....

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The final conference of the project “Industrial Heritage” will take place in early April

On 10th April the Final Conference of the INTERREG Estonia – Latvia cross-border programme Project ESTLAT7 “Industrial heritage” (Revival of Industrial heritage for tourism development) takes place in Parnu Museum, Parnu, Estonia....

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