Water tower
Bīriņi manor ensemble consists of castle building, manager's house, stables, servants' house, water tower, farmers' affairs commission house, watermills, crypts, parks and trails over a total area of 50 ha.

The new Bīriņi manor house was built during the time of August von Pistohlkors in 1860, according to a design by the architect F.W. Hesse. It was followed by a beautiful well: ~ 10 axles or 14.91 metres deep well with a pipeline running to manor kitchen. Until then, water was brought by 2 horse-driven carts from the lake. To improve and simplify water supply, in 1875 a water tower was built above the well. Water was pumped and supplied to the castle and buildings of the nearby manor centre by wind power.

Later, the performance of the water tower was improved by an electric motor, which is run when there is no wind. The sophisticated tower architecture provides it with a neo-Gothic look.

At present, the ground floor exhibits models to demonstrate the process how water is pumped from the well into a container and how it moves along the pipes; the old well is seen under a glazed floor. The 2nd floor plays a meditative water sound track and shows light installation, while the 4th floor takes you to the former water reservoir, which further takes you up on the roof of the flower to demonstrate the wind rotor, wings, and the surrounding area.
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