Baloži, the former peat factory workers' town, is located near Riga, which has now become one of the most attractive dwelling areas in Riga. Peat was obtained in the peat bog, which was used mainly as fuel for bedding, as well as peat insulation boards were made. An extensive narrow-gauge railway network (750 mm wide) with a total length of 28 km was built to transport peat to the factory. Today, the Baloži Peat Railway museum is a narrow-gauge railway maintained by enthusiasts with 2.5 kilometers of the former track. Renovation of the railway has been taking place since 2013, and in 2018 the first regular excursions along the renovated 1.1 km long railway section were started. The railway collection includes several rare and unique locomotives and wagons, such as an authentic peat railway canteen wagon.
As the railway is maintained by enthusiasts, it only operates during the summer season, with monthly trips. However, at any time it is possible to walk along the railway to Medema mire, which can be turned into a cognitive walk in the mire, or walk along the former railway embankment surrounded by birch alley to Ziepniekkalns!
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