Water tower
Kemeri Water Tower is a part of Latvia's industrial heritage, an architectural monument of state importance and the only water tower in Latvia that combines its basic function - provision of water management services - with public use. Kemeri water tower is located in Jurmala, Tukuma Street 32 in Kemeri cultural and historical park. Tourist Information Centre is located in the water tower.

A tourist information point has been created in the water tower, an exposition about the history of Ķemeri has been created and both viewing platforms have been restored - on the third floor of one building and on the other roof floor. The Ķemeri water tower has been restored according to its historical appearance, the historical painting of its facade has been restored, the balustrade on the roof of the tower has been restored, mezzanine floors have been built, a ramp has been built in addition to the entrance door, and a toilet has been built on the ground floor.

The building, built in the form of classical architecture, has both the functions of a technical structure and an observation tower. Once, the tower housed mineral water and drinking water reservoirs, but today - only a drinking water reservoir with a capacity of 300 cubic meters. There is a viewing area on the upper platform of the tower, from which you can observe the surroundings of Ķemeri at a height of 42 meters.