The Pape lighthouse is the closest one to the Baltic Sea of all the lighthouses in Latvia. It is located in Rucava county Pape village.
The first wooden structure lighthouse was built in 1889 – it was called the Border lighthouse; its light showed the way for ships to the port of Liepaja. Later, in 1890, more stable lighthouse was built. Its height was 21 m above sea level. Originally it was built on 4 – 5 m high dune not on the seaside, but later when coast started to disappear, it came closer to the sea. Flashing lights in good visibility condition can be seen up to 30 miles away.
The original lighthouse light source was a kerosene lamp light added to a rotating lens system, which was powered by clockwork. Currently lighthouse has electric bulb.
In 2007, Latvian postage stamp with lighthouse image was published.