Ķeipene is called the capital of Latvian cinema history. The Ķeipene railway station was opened in 1937, creating the railway line Rīga-Ērgļi. The current station building was built in 1950. When the railway line was closed, the rails were dismantled in 2009. Here is the only place where the railway section from the former route Riga – Ērgļi has been preserved.
Now the world's only public exhibition dedicated to the great spirit of cinema, director Sergei Eisenstein, has now been created here. During the Arsenals Film Festival in 2000, a land lighthouse with an aeronautical fire and 66 mailboxes for world cinema pioneers and a five-meter high table with two chairs for cinemas were built near the S. Eisenstein Communication Center in Ķeipene. It can be used as a viewing platform. In the station building, where the exhibition dedicated to the film director can be seen, there is also a retro telephone with a rare opportunity to "call" cinema celebrities. In turn, to the address - "Railway Station", Ķeipene Parish, Ogre District, LV-5062 - it is possible to send a postcard with a greeting to your cinema world favorite.
Across the tracks is a tunnel of 24 frames, which is dedicated to the first film. An environmental installation object has been built underground - the 8-meter-long and 4-meter-wide Potemkin Well, which is designed as an exhibition hall underground, with the main emphasis on the armored ship Potemkin.